Pretreatment System for Coal Mine Gas(Methane)

                            Safe utilization of coal-bed gas (methane) is an integral part of comprehensive exploitation of coal mine resources, and also an important measurement to reduce the coal mine accidents. Pretreatment system for coal-bed gas, which incorporates the functions of dehydration, amplifying & stabilizing gas pressure and filtration, is a critical safeguard for the transportation of coal-bed methane at all gas power plants.
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                            Product Description

                            Nanjing Carbon Recycle Biomass Energy Co., Ltd. can produce coal mine gas pretreatment system with capacity up to 30000 Nm3/h. We can provide containerized or skid-mounted equipment according to customer’s requirement.

                            Main Features

                            • Containerized or skid-mounted assembling;
                            • Fully automatic operation with data logger , display, remote communication & detection;
                            • On-line monitoring, alarm and shutdown to ensure safety, reliability, and long-term operation; 
                            • PID control for automatic pressure amplification, over-pressure protection, and stabilization of gas pressure, temperature and flow rate;
                            • Centrifugal dehydration to reduce gas relative humidity;
                            • Centrifugal blowers which are safe, noiseless and maintenance free;
                            • Multiple filters to ensure dust particle’s diameter less than 3 μm;
                            • Variable frequency control to ensure safety and energy-saving.


                            • Gas treatment Capacity :2000-30000Nm3/h
                            • InLet Gas Temperature:10~40℃
                            • Inlet Pressure:>0kPa
                            • Inlet Gas Relative Humidity:100%RH
                            • Inlet Gas Particle Diameter:30μm
                            • Outlet Gas Temperature:≤50℃
                            • Outlet Gas Pressure:38kPa
                            • OutLet Gas Relative Humidity:≤80%RH
                            • Outlet Gas Particle Diameter:≤3μm

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