Pretreatment System for Biomass Gas

                            Biomass gas is a collectively name for gases brought out of anaerobic fermentation at sewage treatment plants, alcohol factories, farms and etc. Its major components are 50%-80% of methane and 20%-50% of the carbon dioxide, and the rest conclude water vapor, sulfide, nitride and other hundreds of gas components. In particular, hydrogen sulfide often reaches thousands or tens of thousands of PPM. Biomass gas is usually used at original site as heat or power source. At sewage treatment plants, alcohol factories and farms where biomass gas resources are rich, combined generation of coldness, heat and power (CHP) is often applied.
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                            Product Description

                            Pretreatment system for biomass gas is important equipment for biomass power plant. The system serves not only for dehydration, desulfurization, pressure regulation, removal of impurities, and safety protection, but also as a channel for gas transportation between fermenting tank and power generator.

                            Biomass gas is flammable and explosive, so safety should be the first principle of design after which economic payback should be considered.

                            Performance characteristics
                            • Desulfurization to reduce hydrogen sulfide content to 5 ~ 200 ppm;
                            • Dehydration to reduce relative moisture to less than 80%;
                            • Removal of other organic impurities to improve operation efficiency of whole system;
                            • Removal of dust to reduce particle diameter to 1 ~ 3 μm;
                            • Automatic pressure amplification and alarm & protection against over pressure;
                            • PID control to stabilize gas pressure, temperature and flow rate;
                            • On-line monitoring, alarm & protection;
                            • Automatic data logger & display, and remote communication, monitoring & control;
                            • Anti-explosion design with explosion-proof devices and meters;
                            • Stainless steel parts with anti-corrosion treatment to ensure serviceable time;
                            • Fully automatic on-line monitoring system with safety relief and emergency torch;
                            • Major equipments designed as modular units for convenient of transportation, installation, maintenance and future expansion.
                            • Gas Treatment Capacity: 500-3000Nm3/h
                            • Inlet gas temperature: 10~40℃
                            • Inlet gas pressure: 2KPa(Max)
                            • Inlet Relative Humidity: 100%RH
                            • Inlet Particle Diameter: 30μm
                            • Inlet gas H2S Concentration:≤200ppm
                            • Outlet Temperature: ≤50℃
                            • Outlet Gas pressure: 35kPa
                            • Outlet Gas Relative Humidity: ≤80%RH
                            • Outlet Gas Particle Dimater: ≤3μm
                            • Outlet gas Siloxane Concentration  ≤10ppm

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