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                            Regarding the prevention and control of VOCs pollution, what did Carbon Recycle do?

                            • Published: 2021-12-01 14:46:00
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                            In recent years, the situation of air pollution in my country has been severe. It has directly or indirectly caused different degrees of harm to human and ecological health, production and life, etc. Volatile organic gases (VOCs) are important pollutions that cause atmospheric haze and ozone (O?). One of the things.

                            During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will replace sulfur dioxide as a binding indicator of air environmental quality, and the prevention and control of VOCs pollution will become the key and focus of air pollution control.

                            How to efficiently remove VOCs is the focus of attention in academia and industry. Carbon Recycle is committed to researching the recovery of organic waste gas from alkanes, halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethers, esters and other VOCs. Biomass organic gas treatment and resource utilization, organic vapor separation membrane technology and technology, isothermal compression technology and technology, biomass organic gas treatment and resource utilization. Design and manufacture a complete set of systems for VOCs organic waste gas compression condensation method, membrane method, resin adsorption method recovery and treatment equipment.

                            Carbon Recycle promises: the VOCs recovery and treatment equipment developed and produced by our company, we use special modified resin, after compression + condensation + organic vapor membrane + modified resin adsorption process, the content of Dichloromethane is less than 20mg/ m3, to achieve emission standards!

                            The company cooperates with a team of experts from the School of Environment of Nanjing University to carry out technology research and development, process innovation, and jointly build a laboratory platform of the "Engineering Technology Research Center for Comprehensive Utilization of Biomass Energy in Jiangsu Province". Has more than 50 inventions and utility model patents. The Carbon Recycle team won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. He has rich engineering experience in the production of organic vapor separation membranes, biomass gas catalytic oxidative deoxidation, wet desulfurization, frozen desiloxane and other product technologies.

                            Carbon Recycle "Multi-processes VOCs Compression & Condensation + Membrane Separation + Flare Combustion Recovery Treatment" full English version of the VOCs brochure is officially released!

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