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                            Carbon Recycle News ▏The methylene chloride solvent treatment unit of a pharmaceutical factory in Jiangsu is shipped today!

                            • Published: 2021-12-02 15:52:00
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                                 On December 2, 2021, Carbon Recycle delivered the "dichloromethane solvent treatment device" provided by a pharmaceutical factory in Jiangsu!

                                   According to the actual situation of the customer site, the "dichloromethane solvent treatment device" developed and produced by Carbon Recycle was recommended to the customer. The system is divided into two units, the first part is a compression condensation unit, and the second part is a membrane module unit. After compression + condensation + organic vapor membrane process, the content of dichloromethane is less than 20mg/m3, achieving discharge standards!

                                   Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China issued a public announcement on the 2021 National Catalogue of Advanced Pollution Control Technologies (Air Pollution Control, Noise and Vibration Control) (publication draft). The serial number 20 recommended pollution control technology in the document is: Compression Condensation+ Membrane + adsorption process, source recovery of VOCs. In particular, the source recovery and discharge of methylene chloride organic solvent vapor.

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