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                            Our employees won the honorary title of "Binjiang Most Beautiful Struggler"!

                            • Published: 2021-12-13 14:19:00
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                            Good news

                                  Starting from April 2021, Binjiang Development Zone, Jiangning District, Nanjing, has launched the "Binjiang Most Beautiful Struggler" selection activity.

                                  After several months of selection, our company's deputy chief engineer Wang Weixing won this honor!


                                Personal story

                                  In the company's production workplace, he can always see his familiar and busy figure: either working at the desk in front of the computer and handling every detail; or staying at the front line of the workshop to observe the operation of the production equipment in detail.

                                  In 2009, Wang Weixing joined Carbon Ring Biomass and was responsible for environmental protection technology, equipment design and engineering construction. Adhering to the spirit of assiduous research by the R&D personnel, once into the work, Wang Weixing is often too busy to sleep and forget food, and often researches at the desk on weekends. In order to find a suitable process method, the "real" Wang Weixing continuously learns and researches, strengthens his theoretical foundation, extensively explores various processing technologies and operation examples, repeatedly researches and checks, and goes all out to ensure the accuracy of the data.

                                     "As for work matters, he has never been vague. There are no such words as'almost' or'approximately' in his dictionary. Every study requires an accuracy of one millimeter." Wang Weixing's colleague said that it was his "reality". "The character and humble attitude help the company continue to move forward on the road of R&D and innovation.

                                  In 2014, Wang Weixing designed and built a pilot plant for the production of natural gas from landfill gas, with a natural gas output of 180Nm3/h, enabling the landfill gas to undergo dehydration and desulfurization and other processes to produce natural gas for vehicles and pipeline natural gas; 2015 He also designed and built a commercial demonstration project for the production of vehicle gas from landfill gas with a natural gas output of 3000Nm3/h, which provided effective technical support for reducing greenhouse gas and odor emissions and realizing waste utilization.

                                  After more than ten years of accumulation, Wang Weixing has become a capable backbone of the company and has served as the deputy chief engineer of R&D.

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